Master Data Management

Master Data Management – What is it and Why is it important?

Master Data Management (MDM) has rapidly become recognized as an essential component of an overall business information management strategy, providing:

  • A consistent, accurate “System of Record” for an organization’s master data
  • A single, consistent, enterprise view of core business entities
  • Binding with a variety of business applications and providing the integration services (i.e. ETL, EAI, EII) to acquire, transform and deliver master data in real time throughout the enterprise
  • Relevant business processes, application software, and technical integration infrastructure required to create and maintain accurate, up-to-date and consistent views of core business entities across disparate systems in the enterprise


Issues Resulting from Ineffective MDM

Symptoms of an ineffective MDM strategy include:

  • Lack of definition / control over comprehensive Master Information and Business Processes
  • Excessive Data Errors / Lack of Data Quality
  • Lost Productivity
  • Slow Time to Market
  • Lost Sales


How Can Myers-Holum Help?

Myers-Holum can assist you in developing your MDM strategy, and lead MDM project implementations.

  • Requirements Gathering and Product Selection
  • Data Model Design
  • Data Source to Target Mappings
  • Match Rules Definition and Tuning
  • Trust/Survivorship Framework Design and Configuration
  • Commercial MDM Hub Product Installation and Configuration
  • Data Stewardship GUI Configuration
  • Real-time Integration Architecture, Design and Implementation
  • Performance Tuning
  • Go-live Data Loading
  • End-User Education