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NetSuite for Pet Product Manufacturers

Streamline pet product manufacturing processes with NetSuite customized by Myers-Holum - reduce manual processes, increase efficiencies, and provide up-to-date reporting for better decision-making."

NetSuite Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) provides a unified cloud-based technology platform that can be customized by Myers-Holum to meet the unique needs of pet supply and pet food manufacturers. NetSuite ERP helps manufacturers improve production efficiency, ensure product quality, comply with regulatory requirements, and optimize profitability.

NetSuite ERP can be tailored to meet pet supply and pet food manufacturers needs to leverage key functionality such as batch and lot tracking, quality control, co-product and by-product management, traceability, recipe management, and manufacturing analytics. With a modern ERP, manufacturers can ensure compliance with safety and quality standards, optimize production efficiency, and improve profitability.


ERP Is Changing the Face of the Pet Product Manufacturing Industry

ERP Is Changing the Face of the Pet Product Manufacturing Industry guide

This business guide explores the challenges and opportunities facing pet product companies. Discover how the leading cloud ERP system, enhanced by industry-specific customizations, can help companies save time and money, gain access to accurate reporting, and improve their supplier and customer relationships.

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NetSuite ERP implemented by Myers-Holum

Tracking products by batch and lot number

NetSuite ERP allows manufacturers to track products from receipt of raw materials to shipment of finished goods. This feature provides immediate visibility into inventory levels, expiration dates, and product details.

Myers-Holum provides a broad range of customizations that enhance NetSuite’s functionality. Some of the customizations that Myers-Holum has developed for pet food manufacturers include expedited purchase orders, shipper box modifications, item-specific unit conversion tables, and a three-way match for partial shipments.

proven project methodology

Myers-Holum uses a proven project implementation methodology that includes a full discovery phase: understanding the customer’s current state, pain points and goals, followed by building out, testing and validation of the ERP solution.

team working together

An award-winning leader in NetSuite, Boomi, Stripe and Google Cloud Platform solutions, the Myers-Holum team helps enterprises streamline operations, financials and business processes.

Who We Are

The Myers-Holum team of over 375 consultants and developers has extensive experience in delivering technology solutions for a wide range of industries, including pet product manufacturers. Working both locally or remotely, our team excels in enterprise-wide cloud ERP projects, enabling intelligent business processes with best-in-class technologies.

With our deep industry knowledge and technical expertise, we approach each project with a tailored solution that meets our clients' unique challenges. Our culture of hiring the best talent and sharing skills and best practices ensures immediate benefits to our clients, helping them achieve their long-term goals while creating an optimal work environment. Partnering with Myers-Holum means working with a team of experts who are committed to delivering exceptional service and results.

Our corporate culture values collaboration, knowledge-sharing and supporting each other to achieve the best results - making for a high-performing team.


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